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The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on the Metaverse and Web 3.0 brings together Parliamentarians across parties and leading industry experts, technologists, academics, civil society figures and organisations who share a common interest in understanding and impacting policy within the space. We collaborate in order to inform government decision making, improve understanding of these transformative technologies and explore the most pressing opportunities, issues and challenges facing the Metaverse and Web 3.0 landscape.

We keep MPs and Lords in Parliament up-to-date and encourage, support and promote development of the UK’s exciting Metaverse and Web 3.0 scene, helping to shape the creation of a national strategy towards it. Our goal is to ensure that the UK benefits from the full potential of these rapidly growing technologies and is forward leaning so that the most favourable conditions are created, both for safe and sustainable innovation, and for shared and lasting prosperity that leaves no one behind.  Therefore we aim to engage with the broad range of areas that these emerging technologies will impact, from the societal and financial to the technical, considering, exploring and facilitating the exchange of ideas and views.

We are working towards ensuring the UK is a global leader in the space when it comes to policymaking and developing a clear regulatory framework that establishes balanced ground rules and best practices. Current legislation needs to be updated to deal with these new sectors and we seek to make sure that policy keeps pace with the latest technological advancements. Please join us to contribute to the debate and help shape the future! The four key words that best sum up our focus and work are: Asses, Mitigate, Incentivise, Collaborate.

The Pillars of the APPG

The APPG has been established to provide evidence, guidance and recommendations, as well as to conduct research and help build up the UK’s ecosystem, in order to ensure that the UK is a pre-eminent global leader in the space and is not left behind during this wave of great technological change. We promote interaction between policymakers and industry leaders to foster understanding, inform proposals and, most importantly, help shape policy in the Metaverse and Web 3.0 space.

Expert Consultations and Landscaping

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Research, Evaluation and Evidence Gathering


Ecosystem Building, Convening and Networking


Key Policy Priorities

Below are some of the key policy priorities to focus on so that we can make the UK the global leader and best Metaverse and Web 3.0 hub in the world, that benefits from the full potential of these transformative technologies:

Stimulating Innovation

How do we encourage innovation and provide the best environment for safe and sustainable growth, whilst providing clarity around regulation?

Supporting Talent

How do we best support those working in and building companies in the space and create the ideal conditions for them?

Consumer Protection

How do we ensure consumers are best protected against risks and crimes so that they can safely operate and engage in this space?

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

How do we eliminate barriers to those from minority and low socio-economic backgrounds and ensure that the ecosystem is inclusive and representative?

Incentives to attract Talent & Companies

How do we ensure the best talent and companies both stay in and come to the UK?

Safety for Children & the Vulnerable

How do we protect children and the most vulnerable in society when they engage with the space?

Education, Skills & Readiness

How shall we equip the population with the skills and knowledge necessary to understand, interact with and benefit from the space?

Levelling Up

How can we ensure that all parts of the country benefit from the full potential of these technologies so that nobody is left behind?

Tax Reform

What reforms can we make to the current tax system to further encourage and support the space in a fair manner that is both competitive and beneficial to the UK?


How do we best navigate and deal with the societal, environmental, economic, and other implications of the space?

Access to Capital

How can we best ensure that those working in and building in this space have access to the funding they need to grow and expand?

Governance, Cybersecurity & Data Protection

How can regulators provide clarity and direction around the best governance structures and cybersecurity and data protection practices?

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